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Mobile Merchant platform

IBSP Internet Banking Platform includes a merchant payment function where any merchant can free of charge register to become an IBSP merchant. As an IBSP merchant member you will receive a special merchant Euro account at the Internet Banking Platform with simple and convenient access using only a standard mobile phone or computer with internet access. Every registered IBSP merchant will be able to receive online payments from any IBSP enabled customer with any normal mobile phone using a Java, Android, Blackberry or iPhone application.

Available payment methods for internet merchants:
- Merchant account over view
- Latest transactions from customers
- Transfer to other IBSP accounts and other banks
- Blocked amounts for scheduled payments from customers
- Make daily merchant reports
- Online book keeping verifications
- Activate mobile merchant function
Payment methods for mobile phone merchants:
- Register your merchant account from a Mobile phone
- Check your current merchant balance
- Activate payments of goods by sending a one-time code
- Make transfers to other IBSP accounts and other banks
- Top-up your merchant account from your credit card data
- Send merchant account statements to your e-mail address

Internet access for IBSP merchants
All IBSP merchants can follow their customer's direct payments to their account in real time on the internet. And also activate blocked transfers for scheduled payments from customers with a one-time code provided from them.

Payment from mobile phone to merchant
IBSP customers can use their mobile phone to purchase goods and to transfer the amount from their IBSP customer account to an IBSP merchant account. Using a java, android or iPhone application the customer only needs to enter the merchant ID and amount to the mobile phone application and make a secure transfer to the merchant. This can also be done in advance by the customer who can transfer and block any amount for the merchant. When it is time to make the payment the customer provides the merchant with a one-time code which will transfer the exact amount from the customer to the merchant's account. The merchant can operate this function and process the purchase from a normal mobile phone or from an internet connected computer.

Payment with GPRS activated POS
Merchants can use the IBSP GPRS Mobile Point of Sales terminal to get paid from customers with any normal credit or debit card. The is connected direct to the IBSP merchant account at the IBSP Internet Banking Platform. The connects to this special platform with strong encryption protection and uses the GPRS or G3 mobile phone network to communicate to the merchant account.

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