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IBSP, Internet Business Service Provider

IBSP is a centralized Internet based service provider (Cloud Computing) with various platform applications such as: Business administration platform, Internet banking platform, Mobile banking platform, Internet salary platform and Mobile salary platform. IBSP is a Hong Kong based company with subsidiary companies in the United Arab Emirates and Sweden.

Our Vision

IBSP’s vision is to be the dominant and successful web based ‘virtual back office’ administration and business support provider globally. In the process relieving and eliminate the head-ache of complicated and frustrating administration tasks for individuals and businesses. This will be achieved by providing a worldwide support service and business lifeline for anyone who does not have the money, time, understanding or interest to set up and manage these non-core tasks, but essential element, to the success of their product or service.

Our Corporate Goals

- Operate and attract the patronage of as many users as possible in selected countries
- Be a leader and example in our field with a significant share of each market we enter
- Provide opportunity and financial reward for our stakeholders and participants
- Share our rewards with those that don’t have the same opportunities
- Constantly pursue innovation and excellence in all that we do Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

- Build a virtual internet and mobile phone based payment and business tool
- Provide a viable and reliable ‘virtual back office’ internet based business processing service
- Relieve and automate the administrative bureaucracy of running a company
- Reduce the cost for access to new markets and customers
- Simplify on-line e-commerce for micro and small businesses
- Eliminate the technical barriers to setting up and running a business
- Secure and protect the financial and operational integrity of transactions
- Support the less informed and technically inexperienced


Mr. Bengt Arnesson: Founder and chairman of IBSP Hong Kong Ltd. Mr. Bengt Arnesson is an entrepreneur and industrialist, born in Sweden in 1955. He has been residing and been active in Asia and the Middle East for more than 30 years. He has been involved as an entrepreneur of, and an investor in, several companies in the Nordics and abroad since 1983. Mr. Arnesson graduated as an electronic engineer and after further studies at Linköping and Karlstads University he became a technical director at SAAB Combitech’s Process division. Mr. Arnesson started IBSP Hong Kong Ltd (Internet Business Service Provider) in 2005, a centralized internet-based service provider (cloud computing) with various cloud based applications for business and banking. IBSP is a Hong Kong based company with subsidiary companies in the United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Budapest and Sweden. IBSP´s objective is to assist and relieve small businesses and private persons from difficult and complicated business administration tasks with on-line centralized servers (datacentres) with virtual services. IBSP (Internet Banking Service Provider) has been active in Africa since 2011 and is since 2015 the market leader in cloud banking solutions across Africa, Middle East and Asia, covering more than 80 countries with white label banking platforms for banks and financial organizations.

Mr. Phillip P Fusco: Partner and strategic business advisor IBSP Hong Kong Ltd President of DMI (Development Management International), an international venture development company specializing in strategic planning, project development, marketing and commercialization. Mr. Fusco has over 20 years experience in international business across a range of industries and cultures. Mr. Fusco is also a Fellow of the Australian Marketing Institute, member of the Global Foundation, past Vice President of the Australia China Business Council, founding member of Australia’s National Innovation Awareness Council and twice Asian regional director of the world wide Young Entrepreneurs Organization.
Dr. James R. Garvin: Partner and strategic financial advisor IBSP US Inc Dr. Garvin has 30+ years international business experience in mergers and acquisitions. From early beginnings in London, Africa, China, and Israel, he has dealt with an array of different transactions with both private and public companies, including his own development of currency “baskets” to protect project values. Dr. Garvin has been fortunate enough to have handled multiple billions of dollars in transactions. While his focus has been in two areas, international finance and biotechnology, those both have multiple platform elements in IT, software development and statistical analysis. He has sat or sits on the boards of a number of international companies as well as charitable organizations. His work has been recognized by the French Academy of Science and he has received many other awards for his efforts, including one of the top 10 business innovators for 2018 in Texas, leader of one of the 100 best companies internationally in 2016 and 2017. While he has traveled to over 80 countries, he resides in the United States and works closely with IBSP on projects where the company feels he could be helpful – and in that regard he heads up IBSP-US.
Mr. Anthony Rawlingson; Partner and strategic financial advisor IBSP Hong Kong Ltd. Mr. Rawlinson is a Director and Head of Private Banking, Abu Dhabi for Standard Chartered Bank. He is a graduate of Georgetown University and as over 23 years of experience within the financial and industrial sectors. He has extensive knowledge of managing cross-border mergers & acquisitions and international capital market fund raisings as well as sitting on the board of both publically listed and private companies. He is a former Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer as well as running his own FSA regulated corporate finance and investment advisory business.
Mr. Peter Kaeser: Partner and advisor IBSP Hong Kong Ltd. Graduated from the HWV business school in Zurich in economics and started his career as marketer for ABB and ANDRE & Cie. Joined Credit Suisse Bank and Credit Swiss Group, working in Lugarno and the Zurich head office as an investment adviser. This led to further assignments as a Director of Credit Suisse Group, including relocation to various Gulf countries, where he was active in private banking, asset management and gold bullion.
Mr. Waldemar Dreher: Senior director IBSP Hong Kong Ltd. Mr. Dreher is a graduate of Gdansk University and has over 25 years experience in international business across a range of industries and cultures. Mr. Dreher is a former editor of daily newspaper in Pomeranian region “Gazeta Gdanska” as a first independent gazette in this region. Mr. Dreher has extensive knowledge of managing its activities on multi-year experience on the financial market wherein the undersigned has been rendering the services of Trade Facilitator and of managing the relationships between the clients and their overseas suppliers/buyers, thus allowing the growth of a business segment which he would otherwise not have the ability to pursue. He is a highly trained financing expert with decades of theoretical and practical experience
Mr. Rade Manojlovic: Senior director IBSP Hong Kong Ltd. Mr. Rade Manojlovic has held senior economic posts in Europe and USA. He has extensive experience with international trading, bank instruments, currencies and commodities, mainly in Europe, Russia, Central Asia and the United States. He has been a European Bi-lateral summit leader with China. Currently he divides his time between the USA and Europe. Mr. Manojlovic is founder and chairman for PROGRESS INCORPORATED LIMITED, a privately held Hong Kong Company that creates trading platforms for select clients to maximize investment returns.
Mr. Piotr Faryna: European Director IBSP Hong Kong Ltd. Mr. Faryna from Poland is a graduate in IT-technology with over 20 years experience in IT engineering especially for power and utility plants. During the last five years he experienced international forex business, where he is partner and director of IBSP Forex Ltd. Mr. Faryna has extensive knowledge of managing its activities on multi-year experience on the currency exchange financial market wherein the undersigned has been rendering the services of Trade Facilitator and of managing the relationships between the clients and their European suppliers/buyers, thus allowing the growth of a business segment which he would otherwise not have the ability to pursue. He is a highly trained forex expert with years of theoretical and practical experience.
Dr. Benedetto Adragna: IBSP Ambassador. Dr. Benedetto Adragna was born in Martina Franca (Ta) on 26 May 1952; Graduated Accountant and Commercial Expert and graduated in Political Science and International Relations, he obtained the academic title of Criminologist passing the Master of Criminology and Forensic Law Studies. International relations in the second instant of the Senator Adragna was also characterized by a particular attention to the International Relations. In 1996 he was elected Deputy of the Sicilian Regional Assembly and is a member of the V ^ Permanent Legis.va Culture - Training - Work Commission. In 2006 he was elected Senator of the Republic; it is part of the XI Permanent Labor and Social Security Commission; also member of the Anti-Mafia Commission, he chairs the select Committee on "Mafias, migrants, trafficking in human beings and new forms of slavery". In 2008 he was re-elected Senator; continues to be part of the XI Standing Committee and is also elected member of the Bureau with the position of Questore. In the XVI legislature he was also appointed Coordinator of the Senate radio and television communication development committee established in 2009. June 2012 he was responsible for the work of the International Conference of the Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly (WFP) dedicated to supporting small and medium-sized enterprises and economic growth in the Euro-Mediterranean area opened in Lisbon. In September 2012 he spoke at the World e-Parliament Conference organized by the Interparliamentary Union and by the Global Center for Information and Communication Technologies in Parliament. It also opened, in November 2012, the work of the Parliamentary Conference on relations between Italy and Azerbaijan organized by the Senate European Union Political Commission and by the parliamentary friendship group dedicated to economic and energy relations between the two states. In December 2012 he participated in Rome at the World Conference for Human Rights and at the Seventh Parliamentary Consultative Assembly on the International Criminal Court and the Rule of Law organized by Parlamentarians for Global Action (PGA), the largest transnational network of parliamentarians on behalf of individual present in 120 countries of the world: in particular Sen. Adragna - as a member of the PGA and member of the conference organizing committee - coordinated a debate on State cooperation with the International Criminal Court where the Chancellor of the Court of L 'intervened Hague and the President of the Extraordinary Human Rights Commission of the Senate. He has received numerous international awards and certificates for his work in favor of scientific research: on December 20, 2013, the Board of Directors of the "Teresa and Luigi de Beaumont Bonelli" Foundation for cancer research was officially born on January 3, 1978, chaired by the Professor Luigi Tarro, with the election as a moral body by the President of the Republic, deliberates unanimously the appointment of Dr. Benedetto Adragna member of the Board of Directors; and also in favor of legality and peace in the world, the latest recognition in Marseille, on 22 January 2014, receives the PAM AWARD, awarded by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean which covers the role of observer at the General Assembly of Nations United, with a special motivation "In recognition of his initiative leading to the signing, on 27 October 2011, Declaration for peace and friendship among the Mediterranean peoples".

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