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Business Administration
The IBSP service includes a complete business administration platform where new or existing businesses can handle their administration functions for the business from any computer or operating system.
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Internet Banking Platform
The IBSP service includes an online internet banking function, called "BackOffice", where all customers get a private Euro account and corporate Euro account.
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Mobile Banking Platform
For mobile phone users it is possible to make mobile banking and payment transfers via secure encrypted mobile communication direct to our mobile banking platform.
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Mobile Merchant Platform
IBSP Internet Banking Platform includes a mobile phone merchant payment function where any merchant can free of charge register to become an IBSP merchant.
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Internet Salary Platform
Corporations can handle salary functions for staff from the Internet salary platform, where the employee receives a personal login and private salary account at the Internet Banking platform.
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Mobile Salary Platform
Employees without access to internet can use the mobile salary platform where the mobile phone will represent the salary account number.
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