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IBSP Backoffice
Internet Banking Platform

The IBSP service includes an online internet banking function, called "BackOffice"; BO, where all registered customers get a free private Euro account and registered corporations get a free corporate Euro account which can be used as salary accounts and business accounts. Each user can manage the accounts direct from the internet or from a mobile phone.

Available Internet banking functions:

- Account overview
- Latest transactions
- Create new accounts
- Transaction templates
- Pending transfers
- Deposit money to your account
- Payment of bills and invoices from IBSP account or with credit cards
- Create new transfers to; Banks, IBSP accounts or Western Union
- Corporate Salary platform - Activate Mobile banking platform

Create IBSP accounts
IBSP users can create their own accounts with their own account names to keep track of different business transactions or administrative tasks.
Deposit money and pay bills or invoices
IBSP users can deposit money to their private on-line IBSP banking accounts, transfer money with their credit cards, pay bills and invoices or get paid by customers from their credit cards.

Transfer Money
IBSP users can manage on-line their financial transactions by transferring money to other banks world-wide through SWIFT, to other IBSP accounts or via Western Union to any person who does not have a normal bank account.
IBSP Internet Banking Users Guide
IBSP Backoffice Terms and Conditions
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