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IBSP is a centralized Internet based service provider (Cloud Computing) with various platform applications such as: Business administration platform, Internet banking platform, Mobile banking platform, Internet salary platform and Mobile salary platform. IBSP is a Hong Kong based company with subsidiary companies in the United Arab Emirates and Sweden.

IBSP's objective is to assist and relieve every small business and private person from difficult and complicated business administration tasks with an on-line centralized server based virtual BackOffice cloud service.

IBSP is a Cloud Computing system. Cloud computing is a new (circa late 2007) label for the subset of grid computing that includes utility computing and other approaches to the use of shared computing resources, rather than having local servers or personal devices handling user's applications.

The concept is very simple: On your desk (or in your hand) you would have a very low-cost computer or mobile device with just a processor, a keyboard and a monitor. There would be no hard drive or CD/DVD drive. It would be hooked up to the Internet and would link to a central supercomputer, which would host all of your programs and files.

Any person can register on the web site www.ibsp.net as a customer and get access to international business with products and services from small to large corporations.

The service includes all possible functions that are required for doing business. Each registered customer gets their own virtual internet account and tools to start doing business in their local office or remotely over the internet.

All customer information and services are stored secure on IBSP's central servers in Sweden with high speed fiber optic internet connections and protected by one of the world's leading encryption security technologies. The service is accessible from anywhere via internet and is not dependent of any special operative system such as windows or apple, it is platform independent. All information stored on the server can be encrypted by the user and organized in folders created by the user them self.

IBSP supports all kinds of different businesses such as; home office, sales agents, shop owners, consultants or company employees. No matter where they are based (locally or internationally) or where in the world they want to conduct transactions or manage their business administration.

The IBSP servers handle: Invoices, quotations, purchase orders, letters, e-mails, SMS, faxes, payments, internet money transfer, mobile money transfer, salary reports, salary payments, salary taxation, meeting bookings, sales commissions, logistics, book keeping and auditing, cash register tuning, global VAT, cash and credit card payment, web shop for your products, home page for your products, worldwide sales force, time booking system for services and staff.

IBSP servers are connected online to the banks through the Swedish "bankgiro centralen" and SEB, Scandinaviska Enskilda banken. The system can handle volume payments of salaries, incoming and outgoing payments of invoices. Bank statements are online and updates are done to all virtual bank accounts in real time using custom designed API and standard OCR technology. The IBSP servers can also be connected to other local banks and telecom companies for custom design online services.

The IBSP servers handle both private and corporate virtual internet bank accounts, called "BackOffice" where internal transfer is free of charge, and transfers to banks and external companies are charged with transaction fees.

For new markets and territories, IBSP's Internet Banking Services (IBS) and Salary Payment Solutions (SPS) are able to be "white branded" and used by any corporation as their own business and payment platform for an annual licensing fee.

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Internet based Business System called "MyBusiness"

This business system called "MyBusiness" is a tool for all business owners and those who like to do global business without the struggle to start a local company. This internet based service is plat form independent (this server based solutions works on any operating system with internet browsers) which means that any computer can be used, PC, Apple, Linux, Unix, as long as there is Internet browsing possible. All your business information is stored at the central server with high security login and fast fiber access, (all data can be encrypted by the user).

There are different functions or services that the user gets such as handling all your; documents, purchase orders, invoices, payments, stock keeping, shipping, logistics, e-mails, SMS, meeting schedules, internet bookings, online auditing, salary for staff, book keeping, tax and VAT administration. The cost for the package is normally 10 euro per month but as an introduction we give this service for free at the moment. The income for IBSP is 2,5% of the paid invoices, which mean that the business owner gives IBSP 2,5% of his sales as commission.

IBSP MyBusiness Terms and Conditions

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Internet banking function called "BackOffice"

The IBSP service includes an online internet banking function, called "BackOffice"; BO, where all registered customers get a free private Euro account and registered corporations get a free corporate Euro account which can be used as salary account and business accounts. Each user can manage the accounts direct from the internet or from a smart mobile phone.

IBSP uses SEB (a Swedish based bank) and HSBC (a Hong Kong based bank) for all transactions. Our central servers have automatic communication with the "Swedish bankgiro centralen" for all out and in coming transfers.

If the customer has registered as sales agent, the sale commission is automatically deposited to his private Euro account, and corporations can make business and pay and get paid using the corporate Euro account. Transfers between different BO accounts are free for private and corporate account holders. IBSP only charge the users when money leaves the IBSP BackOffice system.

Each user can follow all the account movements for every transfer and make payment and transfers to internal BO users or any other international bank account by a SWIFT transfer. Each external transfer out from the BO system is charged depending on the bank fee and IBSP will charge 2.5% of the transfer amount when the money leaves the BO system.

The user can make transfer templates and decide when a transfer or payment shall take place. The user's settings shall be completed with personal data and passport copy uploaded to the BO.

If the user has purchased a business package called "My Business" they can use the BO as a white branded salary system for their staff or organization The BO internet bank function can be used by any corporation as an internet based salary solution even if no other service is used from the IBSP platform.

The user of each BO receive an OCR number which is very important to use as payment reference for our central servers to be able to locate the BO users accounts when an incoming payment is received from the bank.

IBSP Internet Banking Users Guide
IBSP Backoffice Terms and Conditions
IBSP E-mail and SMS Terms and Conditions

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Sales Agents for all IBSP Products at the web-shop.

At IBSP anyone can become a Sales Person or Sales Agent for your own products and/or other products found at the IBSP web-shop. You can apply to become a Sales Agent and after approval from the administration team you will be able to sell products to your business colleges or friends via internet and collect sales commission automatically to your backoffice account.

You collect your sales commission at the backoffice account and if you like to transfer the balance to a regular bank account you make this from the backoffice service.

Each product at the web-shop has a sales commission value (%) stored in the system by the owner of the product, this is the value you as a Sales Agent will get if a customer purchase and pay the product you have recommended.

As Sales Agent you can send e-mails from your Sales Agent administration site at IBSP to your customers and friends and you can also see information who has looked at your e-mail and you can see if they has purchased and if they have paid the product you recommended to them.

You can sell a product from one country to another country and IBSP as a global database for adding VAT or not for these different sales to different counties. Apply at our IBSP site to become a Sales Agent and discover more how this works after we has approved you to become a Sales.

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